Second Half - FINAL Standings- Greater Cleveland Senior Softball League

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The second half champions are Mike Bloch's St. Vincent’s Ortho & Spine Institute players. Congratulations!

1st Place
· Team #4 St. Vincent Orthopedic & Spine Institute 15 wins/7 losses

2nd Place
· Team #1 Post & Beam 12 wins/10 losses

3rd Place
· Team #2 Strategies for Success 9 wins/13 losses

4th Place
· Team #3 Winar Connection 8 wins/14 losses




Congratulations to manager Al “Wiz” Attewell and the Winar Connection (Team #3) for winning the first half.

1st Place
· Team #3 Winar Connection 14 wins/8 losses

2nd Place (Tied)
· Team #1 Post & Beam 11 wins/11 losses
· Team #4 St. Vincent Orthopedic & Spine Institute 11 wins/11 losses

4th Place
· Team #2 Strategies for Success 8 wins/14 losses


Final Standings - Greater Cleveland Senior Softball League

Greater Cleveland Senior Softball (GCSS) 2013 Champs

Our Hats are off to the Green Rick Roller Machine for winning the GCSS league championship. They won the championship in two games with great hitting, some super fielding plays, and wonderful sportsmanship. The Yellow Team had the lead at times and kept coming after the Green Team but just could not get those hits when needed with men in scoring position. There was a nice turn out of players from the two teams that did not make the playoffs. Maybe we should play more games in September as the weather Tuesday and today was fantastic.

A special thanks goes to our commissioner for handling what seemed like an impossible schedule in the last few weeks. Joe did an excellent job in keeping the teams competitive through out the season.

The Leagues next meeting will be the first Thursday in November, the 7th! It will start at 10 am at the Brook Park Recreation Center.

On the agenda will be nomination of officers (2 year terms).

Think how you can help the league by becoming an officer and not a complainer.

As I walked away after the games and saw Joe having to put the pitching screen away I could not but think how few people know how much work someone like Joe puts in that no one knows about. They just show up and play. Do not be afraid to shake Joe's hand and thank him for all of his efforts.


Mike Block's 70 and over team took second place in Barberton. They went undefeated but lost the tie breaker as they gave more runs than the Michigan team.




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